Club Rules

  •  WKA rules in effect with local option.
  • NO pets, bikes, roller blades, roller skates, skateboards, or motorized vehicles, other than karts are allowed on the track or in the paddock area. Only officials are authorized to use a motor vehicle.
  • NO driving or clutch testing karts in the pits. Violators will be disqualified or asked to leave the track.
  • NO coasting karts through pits/paddock when karts leave the hot pit lane and enter the paddock.
  • No riding in any karts by family, crew, guests, or participants in the track paddock area.
  • Absolutely NO alcohol consumption or illegal drug use during the durations of the weekend.
  • Hair net and/or head sock mandatory for hair longer than collar length.
  • Use clear tape only for all numbers, not gray or black tape. Offset front number to the right.
  • The legal entrant is the only one allowed on the track during practice or race times. The legal entrant is the qualified driver who has registered for a specific class. Violations will result in the legal entrant of the class(s) being disqualified and all series points revoked.
  • At safety tech inspection, it is the responsibility of the entrant to ensure that his kart is presented for inspection in safe racing condition. Chassis, body, and engine legality will be established at post race tech.
  • Each karter must sign the Tech book at weigh-in to be eligible for a finishing position.
  • One hand is to be on the steering wheel at all times! A “Stop and Go” will be issued if both hands leave the steering wheel.
  • If at any time a competitor gets on his head or is involved in an accident deemed to be serious, the race will be red flagged and the ambulance dispatched to the accident. The competitor will be checked out by the attending paramedics and will not be allowed to re-enter the race when it restarts.
  • If race officials and EMT personnel recommend hospital transport, and the competitor refuses this procedure, he must sign a participant accident incident report.
  • The Green flag starts the race and not the competitors’ stop watch.
  • Stickers will be given to all drivers at the mandatory driver’s meeting on Saturday and Sunday. You must bring your helmet and a club official will tag your helmet. If your sticker is not visible, you will not be allowed to practice or race.