Apr 07

2016 Michigan Kart Club Race Events

2016 M.I.S. Dates:   May 21  &  22  and Again  September 24 & 25

Dust off your ride and come race with us for Spring.  We added a race date in May to kick off the season.  This event replaces the Grattan Raceway, Spring race which was held in Mid May during the last 4 seasons.  MIS will be a good substitute for the Grattan May Event.  We’re repeating our popular daily schedule which has been reworked a bit to allow for fewest multiple class entry conflicts.  The 2016 AKRA class line-up makes it unnecessary to offer local option classes.
We are exploring an opportunity to modify the MIS track layout for the Spring M.I.S. Event while returning to our tried and true layout in September.  Stay tuned for more details.
MIS Friday Practice Day is not offered at either event because not  enough racers will commit to a full practice day.  So, we will offer a 4 hour practice session on Saturday, followed by a full schedule of race classes that day.  Sunday’s schedule will be compressed to allow folks to depart mid afternoon with enough time to travel to their home destination.  Overall, this schedule will offer the best value in Road Racing, offering  maximum track time for a 2 day weekend event.  A price increase will occur for some items in 2016.
So, come join us for both the Spring and the Fall Classic at Michigan International Speedway.  We’ve secured the  late September  date which promises fewer conflicts with other road races like Gingerman.


Waterford Hills Race Course Dates:  None for 2016

The Waterford parent club has added race events to its own schedule in 2016 which left us with race date offerings in May and September which conflict with the M.I.S. events.  No other weekends or single days were available.
Perhaps in 2017 we will be able to re-offer an opportunity to race at Waterford.

2016 Grattan Race

It appears that there will only be one Grattan Kart Road race for 2016.   That race will count towards AKRA Road Race Points Championship.
Championship Enduro Series  will host that event July 9 & 10, 2016.

Apr 08

MKC Forum

MKC members,

I just wanted to remind you all that we have a public Forum and it can be a great way to attract web traffic and new members to our website.

It is up to you to use it and make it popular!

1.  Don’t forget to register for the forum and post a topic if you like.

2.  If you have ANYTHING to sell, please post it in the Classifieds section.

3. If you have any ideas for the website, post them under Feedback and we can discuss them as a group.



Jim Goodall
Email me

Apr 08

2016 MKC Membership

Annual Dues:   $20 per Master Member

Associate members in same household, Free

Pre-registered full day workers get free pit pass.

Racers and All others are required to pay for pit pass.

Racer Members will receive a class entry discount and free A.K.R.A. weekend membership

In order for these events to be successful for racers and support crews, we need volunteer workers. Each racer needs to supply a worker to help with each race event.  That worker may be needed for an hour or two, or maybe a whole day.  Areas needing help are pre-race setup, Race logistics, Scales, Scoring, Registration, Safety inspection, Parking, Transponder tracking and Garage assignments. Please indicate your preference on this form and follow-up with the name of the volunteer if you have one at this time.  This year we are pleased to offer members a $5 race entry discount in addition to a weekend membership in AKRA. Be sure to sign-up for membership before the season starts to get your discount code for race entries.


For more information, please click HERE.

Sep 18

Pictures from MIS

Check out some pictures from the MIS race on Sunday, available here: MIS Sunday 2013

These pictures were taken by Moriah Goodall on Sunday only.  There are more pictures coming from the event photographer later on, stay tuned…

For copies, please contact Moriah at moriahgoodall@gmail.com.