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     May 20 & 21, 2017


Host:  Michigan Kart Club

Sanction:  AKRA

Track layout:  2 miles Combined Asphalt Oval and Road Course

Race Direction:  Clockwise


                     5.0 – 5.4:      Yamaha Can Sprint

                     4.6 – 5.0:      100cc Reed Enduro

                     5.25 – 5.35:  Leopard TaG

                      2.75 – 3.10:   LO206 with 34″ Tire Circumference

  • Race Format:  2 Day, AKRA Road Race Rules: Sprint / Enduro 

    Series Sponsor:  Vega Tires

    General Information:

    • The PA system strategy is FM Broadcast.  We DO NOT use a conventional PA system for announcements.  We WILL broadcast PA announcements on the FM radio band, tentatively at 87.5 Mhz.  You need to bring an FM portable radio or device with FM capability with you to hear announcements.  A limited number of battery operated radios will be rented for use at the track.  You can reserve one during the Pre-Entry process.  Your car radio will be able to pick up the broadcast also.

    • US 12 Entrance gate is open 24 Hours.   Admittance by Pit Pass after racing activities.

    • Pit Passes sold only at US 12 Gate, 6:30 AM – 7:00 PM Saturday and Sunday

    • Tunnel is open for low profile (< 9 Feet) vehicles from 7:00 AM to 6 PM Saturday, 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM Sunday.  No pit passes SOLD at the tunnel entrance.

    • Lower priced adult visitor one day passes after practice each day.  $15 each

    • Friday Early Move-In and Trailer Drop off:  3:00 PM – 8:30 PM

    • Early Registration at the track:  Friday 3:00  PM – 8:00 PM

    • Camping Available Friday and Saturday Nights:   One price: $25/weekend, Pay at Gate

    • US 12 Gate open all night for Pit Pass holders who are camping

    • 4 Hour  Practice Saturday:  8:30 AM – 1:00 PM

    • Sunday Practice:  8:00 AM – 10:00 AM

    • Racing Saturday: 1:00 to 5:45 PM,    Sunday: 10:00 AM to 3:15 PM

    • Race length:  Enduro: 45 Minutes, Sprint: 30 Minutes, Vintage: 30 Minutes

    • Class Rules:  AKRA + MKC Local Option

    • Scoring Transponders :  The new MyLaps black transponders will not register correct laps with our current AMB system.  For the weekend, Drivers may swap their black transponder for an MKC yellow transponder at no extra charge.  Make the swap at registration at the track.

    • AKRA Season Points are based on Saturday and Sunday classes for all events.  Since there are 5 Weekend events in the 2017 AKRA Road Race Series, there are 10 races counted toward season ending championship awards.  F1 is Saturday class with its own championship points as well as an identical Sunday F2 class, having its own championship points.  Take that into account when entering your race classes.

    • MKC will assign kart race numbers.  This is a safety tracking issue used for Emergency Situations.

    • This is an AKRA Sanctioned event requiring at least a Weekend Membership.  Discount memberships available during online registration process.

    Sanctioning & Insurance:  AKRA Sanctioned Event, Insurance by AKTPA

    Insurance Minors Release must be filled out for all persons under 18 years.  For minor racer-drivers, a Minors Release must be filled out at Gate AND at Registration.  The youngest MINOR allowed to race at MIS is 8 years old.  If a minor will NOT be accompanied by a Parent or Legal Guardian, then download the 2017 Annual Minor Waiver with Notary, print 2 copies in color, fill them out, get them Notarized at your Bank, Town Hall, or Notary Public office, and bring the 2 Notarized copies to the track.  Definition of a minor is a person under 18 years of age.  A minors’ release will be required at the entrance gate.  The second minor’s release will be required at Registration for Racers under 18 years of age.  MINOR spectators are allowed, again, with release properly signed.

    MINOR Drivers under 12 years must show proof of competition experience.  A parent or adult racer of known standing must be at the track to vouch for the experience level of racers under 12 years of age.  Again, a safety issue.


    • Hotels in nearby Brooklyn, Adrian, and Jackson.  Please select them from the Web.  Brooklyn Super 8 is popular. 517-592-0888.  A 50 room hotel.

    • 110 Octane Corrigan Race Fuel, Fresh, for our event, available at the Track.  $10/gallon

    • No Concession Stand.  Bring your own lunch.

    • PA System is now broadcast on the FM Radio Band.  You will need to bring a portable radio or rent and MKC radio to hear pre-race announcements.  There will be 20 radios available to rent for the weekend.

    • Elevated Spectator viewing available along pit road with limited visibility of infield racing surface.  No entry to MIS Grandstands.

    Pit Passes & Driver Passes

    • Driver & Crew Pass: $30 / Weekend

    • Visitor / Spectator:  $15 / Day, after Practice

    • Kids under 12:  $10 / weekend

    Parking and Camping:

    • $25 / vehicle spot, Pay at track US 12 gate

    • Preferred Parking spots close to Grid:  $25/weekend

    • Motor home Camping with Electrical Hook-Ups in the Paddock  $25/weekend

    • Family Tenting on grass available in a fenced infield area

    • Showers and flush toilets on site.

    Important Safety & Tech Items:  

    • Snell 2010  Helmets or newer per AKRA Rulebook.

    • No Helmet Cameras.

    • Brake linkage tether rules will be enforced on all karts.

    • Dual Brakes required for all Enduro Laydown and all Gearbox karts.

    • No Drones (UAV’s), Golf Carts, Bicycles, Scooters, or Mopeds

    PDF Downloads

    2017_MIS_May_ Race_Schedule_21FE17

    2017 MIS_AKRA_Classes_17FE17c

    MIS May 2017 Garage n Paddock Diagram_13MR17

    MKC MIS Rules 21FE17

    2016 AKRA Road Race Tech Manual 2016.2b

    2017 Annual Minor Waiver with Notary 21FE17

    Call for more information:   

    • Bill Anderson –  Race Coordinator and Registrar

    • Email:

    • 248-881-6510

Location Michigan International Speedway
12626 U.S. HWY 12
Brooklyn MI 49230-9068
(517) 592-6666
Hosted By Michigan Kart Club
3301 Saddle Ridge
Highland MI 48357
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May 20, 2017 - May 21, 2017
AKRA Weekend Membership $7.00
AKRA Weekend Membership at Track $10.00
PA Radio Rental $5.00
Transponder Rental $25.00
Saturday PreEntry $105.00
Sunday PreEntry $100.00
Saturday Late PreEntry $115.00
Sunday Late PreEntry $110.00
Saturday Class At The Track $120.00
Sunday Class At The Track $120.00
G1 Premium Garage $150.00
G2 Standard Garage $75.00
G3 Economy Garage $50.00


Register For Discounts!

Annual Dues:   $20 per Master Member
Associate members: FREE  (same household)

MKC will email you the $5 MIS Member Discount Code to use when registering for Race Events. We are taking all Pre-Entry Registrations online again this year. 

You don’t have to be an MKC Member to race with us, but, we’d like  racers to supply a worker to help with each race event.  That worker may be needed for an hour or two, or maybe a whole day.  Areas needing help are pre-race setup, logistics, scales, scoring, registration, safety inspection, parking, transponder tracking, and garage assignments.   Pre-registered full day workers get free pit pass.  Racers and All others are required to pay for pit pass.

Remember:  Your dues help support equipment maintenance, planning activities, and this website.  We need your help and participation to make 2017 MKC events a success.


Hosted By Michigan Kart Club
3301 Saddle Ridge
Highland MI 48357
Visit Website
January 1, 2017 - December 31, 2017
Master Member $20.00
Associate Member $0.00